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What are your payment methods?

Payment Methods

No credit card? No problem. You may also pay via PayPal, Prepaid Cards, or Cash. Our payment methods:

Credit Card or
Debit Card
VISA , Mastercard , and American Express 
PayPal Our PayPal portal accepts PayPal funds along with a large number of credit cards: VISA , Mastercard , American Express , Discover , JCB , and Diners Club . (PayPal-accepted cards may change from time to time.) No PayPal account is required.
Funds Transfer
(a.k.a. eCheck or Direct Deposit)
Use PayPal
Prepaid Cards Prepaid VisaA VISA or Mastercard Prepaid Card may be used just like a credit card. Prepaid Cards have become hugely popular for those without a credit card and for anonymity. Prepaid Cards are available at most convenience stores, drug stores, department stores, grocery stores, etc. Prepaid cards may be re-loaded whenever you wish. We accept VISA and Mastercard prepaid cards only - look for the or logo.

Prepaid cards must be registered before use: (1) You'll need to register your card with your full name, street address, city, state, postal code, and telephone number. You may do so on-line or over the phone. Instructions will be included with your card. (2) When you make an online purchase, enter the same name, full address, and phone number that you used to register your card.

Note: Gift cards are often not the same as Pre-Paid cards. Gift cards are often usable only at a particular store. Before buying a Gift card, make sure it's usable for internet purchases anywhere.

Cash US Dollars only. No coins. Round up to the nearest dollar. For example, a $9.95 purchase would be $10. Wrap well (1-2 pieces of paper) to hide and enclose your username, e-mail and what you are purchasing. If you wish to provide cash, request address to send it to as it changes depending on the time of year.

To Subscribe, buy Tokens, or view our prices:

  1. When logged in, click Subscribe in the top menu bar, or click Subscribe or Buy Tokens on your home page (Membership panel).
  2. If subscribing, click Choose for the desired item. (Token purchases proceed directly to next step.)
  3. Select the membership or tokens desired, and one-time or auto-renew applicable to subscriptions
  4. Select Credit Card or PayPal
  5. Click CONTINUE and a form will be presented

To purchase by TELEPHONE, please call +1 650-276-0356 (San Francisco) 9am-6pm PST, or +44 20 8133 2008 (London) 5pm-2am BST.

Merchant Name

The merchant name on your credit card statement will be DANCESOFT.

Online payment processing is SECURE

We no longer process mail-in payments. Use a Prepaid Card if you have no credit card or PayPal account.
Revised December 13, 2023
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