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Can I tell if a member has read my message?
If I upgrade my membership what happens to past messages?
What's Marked for Deletion mean?
Marketing/Biz Relationships
Are you exempt from the International Marriage Broker Act 2005?
My Account
How do I verify my e-mail address?
How can I contact (telephone/fax/mail/e-mail) your company?
Is commercial advertising allowed?
I've received a Private Gallery Photo Pass e-mail. How to I view the photos?
How can I get more matches when I search for partners?
My own profile doesn't show in my search results
Signing In
How do I logout?
Do I need to be a full member to read/send e-mails?
How may I renew my membership subscription?
I'm a Gold member. When my membership expires, can the recipient still read my e-mail and reply for free?
What does membership cost?
Technical Issues
I am getting a red fist when I click a button or link
I'm getting a message about a flash component needing an upgdrade
My computer is hanging and/or links are not working
When I click a profile, e-mail or greet-me button nothing happens!
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