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Can I retract a message?
Can I tell if a member has read my message?
Do you read or censor e-mails?
How do I CONTACT (E-MAIL) and REPLY to members?
How do I send or reply with a greeting card
How does activation/expiration affect communication?
I can't find my e-mail in my Inbox!
I'm unable to read a message!?
I've received no replies! Is your system working?
What's free?
What's Marked for Deletion mean?
When a message is sent, how is the recipient notified?
Why are some of the e-mails I've sent unread?
Can I delete items in my viewed list?
Can I see who has viewed my profile?
Hide members, view hidden, and unhide
How do I block members, view blocked members, remove blocked members?
How do I mark/view/delete Favorites?
Mailbox Features
Can I read a conversation thread?
How do I move/delete/purge messages?
Mail History
What are Personal Folders?
What are the colored flags in an e-mail?
What does Suspicious in Mailbox mean?
Marketing/Biz Relationships
Are you exempt from the International Marriage Broker Act 2005?
How do I advertise my dance event?
My Account
How do I change by birthday?
How do I change my username/e-mail/password/phone/security question?
How do I enable/disable auto-login?
How do I make myself PUBLIC or PRIVATE (off-line)?
How do I Unsubscribe / Close / Delete my account or stop certain notices?
How do I verify my e-mail address?
My Profile
How do I change my location?
How do I EDIT/UPDATE my profile / commentary / location(s) / search criteria?
I'm PRIVATE (Hidden/non-searchable) but someone viewed by profile!
Preview Profile
What are Credentials?
Why do portions of my profile say "Pending"?
Alert Tag Explained
How do I CANCEL my membership subscription on PAYPAL?
How do I report site violations/fraud/scams or suspicious members?
How do I view members online?
Install App
iPhone Blocked
Is commercial advertising allowed?
Message Retetion Policy
Please explain Free vs Gold and Tokens
Re-open (re-activate) Account
What is the Diary section?
Where do I enter/update by Covid Vaccination status?
Block Photoless members
Can I rescind (retract) a Photo Pass?
Copyrighted images/materials are forbidden
How do I add captions to my photos?
How do I add, delete, manage photos?
How do I make photos Private, Send/Rescind a Photo Pass?
How do I post a video?
I've received a Private Gallery Photo Pass e-mail. How to I view the photos?
PDF Uploading
Photo Guidelines
Uploaded photos (or new e-mails) don't appear!
What's a Primary Photo and how do I post one?
Can I search by username or user ID?
How can I get more matches when I search for partners?
How do change my SEARCH CRITERIA?
How do I SEARCH for partners?
How do I search other locations/countries such as a travel destination?
I'm getting matches far outside my search area, even other countries
My own profile doesn't show in my search results
What do H and T stand for in a profile?
Why do some members appear to have multiple profiles?
Signing In
Forgotten PASSWORD
How do I logout?
I sign in to the wrong account!
Are membership or tokens payments refundable?
Can I put my membership subscription on hold?
Common Membership Subscription Questions
Determine member's membership level Free/Silver/Gold?
Do I need to be a full member to read/send e-mails?
How do I CANCEL my membership subscription?
How do I update my credit card?
How do I use an eCoupon?
How may I renew my membership subscription?
I'm a Gold member. When my membership expires, can the recipient still read my e-mail and reply for free?
May I use a prepaid card to make a purchase?
What are you prices in my local currency?
What are your payment methods?
What does membership cost?
When will my membership subscription renew or expire? Do I have tokens remaining?
Why has my PayPal payment not been received yet?
Why was my credit card declined?
Technical Issues
How do I enable cookies?
I am getting a red fist when I click a button or link
I'm not receiving e-mail notifications
I've accidentally blocked images in Firefox. How do I unblock?
Pages aren't updating or buttons aren't working
When I click a profile, e-mail or greet-me button nothing happens!
Can free members read/reply to my token mails (T-mails)?
Token credit for unopened T-mails
What are Gifts?
What are tokens? How do I send a T-mail?
How do I upgrade from Silver to Gold?
If I upgrade my membership what happens to past messages?
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