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Can free members read/reply to my token mails (T-mails)?
Can I read a conversation thread?
Can I retract a message?
Can I tell if a member has read my message?
Do you read or censor e-mails?
How do I CONTACT (E-MAIL) and REPLY to members?
How do I move/delete/purge messages?
How do I send or reply with a greeting card
How does activation/expiration affect communication?
I can't find my e-mail in my Inbox!
I'm unable to read a message!?
I've received no replies! Is your system working?
If I upgrade my membership what happens to past messages?
Token credit for unopened T-mails
What are Gifts?
What are Personal Folders?
What are the colored flags in an e-mail?
What's free?
What's Marked for Deletion mean?
What's your e-mail retention policy?
When a message is sent, how is the recipient notified?
Why are some of the e-mails I've sent unread?
Managing Members
Hide members, view hidden, and unhide
How do I BLOCK (or UNBLOCK) a member?
How do I edit or delete a review I've written?
How do I mark/view/delete Favorites?
How do I write a review of a member or report a no-show?
My Account
Bell ringing
Can I remove sensual ads from the right side?
Connection Guarantee rules, progress, and redemption
How do I change my username/e-mail/password/phone/security question?
How do I enable/disable auto-login?
How do I make myself PUBLIC or PRIVATE (off-line)?
How do I Unsubscribe / Close / Delete my account or stop certain notices?
How do I verify my e-mail address?
My Profile
Can I see who has viewed my profile?
How do I change my location?
How do I EDIT/UPDATE my profile / commentary / location(s) / search criteria?
I'm PRIVATE (Hidden/non-searchable) but someone viewed by profile!
Preview Profile
What are Credentials?
Why do portions of my profile say "Pending Approval"?
Allowing or Blocking Nude Photos
Block Photoless members
Can I delete items in my viewed list?
Can you remove a review for me?
Commentary Update or Photo Discarded
Copyrighted images/materials are forbidden
Do you verify members student or professional status?
How can I contact (telephone/e-mail) your company?
How do change my SEARCH CRITERIA?
How do I CANCEL my membership subscription on PAYPAL?
How do I change by birthday?
How do I enable cookies?
How do I report site violations/fraud/scams or suspicious members?
How do I view members online?
I'd like to be contacted by local members only
Install App
Internet Explorer 11 Support
Is commercial advertising allowed?
Re-open (re-activate) Account
Therapist Credentials
What does Suspicious in Mailbox mean?
What is Sensual Massage
What is the Diary section?
Are Nudes OK? What photos are tagged Sensual?
Can I rescind (retract) a Photo Pass?
How do I add captions to my photos?
How do I add, delete, manage photos?
How do I make photos Private, Send/Rescind a Photo Pass?
How do I post a video?
I've received a Private Gallery Photo Pass e-mail. How to I view the photos?
PDF Uploading
Uploaded photos (or new e-mails) don't appear!
What's a Primary Photo and how do I post one?
Can I search by username or user ID?
How can I get more matches when I search for partners?
How do I participate in the Therapeutic and/or Sensual directories?
How do I SEARCH for partners?
How do I search other locations/countries such as a travel destination?
My own profile doesn't show in my search results
What do H and T stand for in a profile?
Why do some members appear to have multiple profiles?
Signing In
How do I logout?
I sign in to the wrong account!
I've forgotten my PASSWORD or USERNAME
Are membership or tokens payments refundable?
Can I put my membership subscription on hold?
Common Membership Subscription Questions
Do I need to be a full member to read/send e-mails?
How do I CANCEL my membership subscription?
How do I update my credit card?
How do I upgrade from Silver to Gold?
How do I use an eCoupon?
How may I renew my membership subscription?
I'm a Gold member. When my membership expires, can the recipient still read my e-mail and reply for free?
May I use a prepaid card to make a purchase?
View member's subscription level Free/Silver/Gold?
What are tokens and how do they work?
What are you prices in my local currency?
What are your payment methods?
What does membership cost?
What's the difference between Free, Silver, Gold and Tokens?
When will my membership subscription renew or expire? Do I have tokens remaining?
Why has my PayPal payment not been received yet?
Why was my credit card declined?
Technical Issues
I am getting a red fist when I click a button or link
I'm getting a message about a flash component needing an upgdrade
I'm not receiving e-mail notifications
I've accidentally blocked images in Firefox. How do I unblock?
My computer is hanging and/or links are not working
Pages aren't updating or buttons aren't working
Popup windows aren't opening
When I click a profile, e-mail or greet-me button nothing happens!
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